Counting Kids

Blogging on the coach from Cashel to Dublin for the Ireland vs Argentina rugby match.  46 kids, 7 parents and a driver. Talk about pressure of noise!  Terrible wi-fi. This is too slow. Edit later.

OK, shepherding 46 children through match day crowds is a nightmare of responsibility.  I won’t go into detail, but if you ever find yourself doing it, count them, move them, count them, move them.  Count them off the bus.  Count them outside the stadium, then again inside.  Then again after they use the bathrooms.

The good news is we didn’t lose any along the way.  The better news is that Ireland played a stormer and hammered Argentina.  It was over as a match by half time.  24 – 9 at half time, and finished at 46 -24.

When you travel with lots of kids I have one really good piece of advice.  Tell parents that fizzy drinks are banned.  Ask them to give their child water to drink.  Frisk the kids, search their bags as they get on the bus and confiscate the cola.  That way you can eliminate about half of the bathroom breaks.  As a parent escorting kids, bathroom breaks are the ultimate nightmare.  It is simply impossible to corral them effectively.

The funny thing is how oblivious kids are to all the dangers around them.


To a child dancing in the wind.

Dance there upon the shore;

What need have you to care

For wind or water’s roar?

And tumble out your hair

That the salt drops have wet;

Being young you have not known

The fool’s triumph, nor yet

Love lost as soon as won,

Nor the best labourer dead

And all the sheaves to bind.

What need have you to dread

The monstrous crying of wind?   ……..WB Yeats


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