Father time

Today was the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012.  12/12/12.  The next time such a conjunction will occur will be 01/01/01 in the year 2101.  I doubt I will be alive.  I feel the march of time and I begin to feel old.

Roll on the next significant day – The Lord of Misrule.  December 17th is the first day of the Roman festival of Saturnalia.  It was a period of great  feasting and festivity, with a lot of drinking and eating.  Slaves would become masters for the festival, and everything was turned upside down. This tradition of turning everything on its head survives to this day.  We call it the Christmas Pantomime.

Properly played out the lead man in panto is played by a woman and the grand dame is played by a man (or men in the case of Ugly Sisters).  Pantomime usually involves the triumph of the small over the great.  Aladdin and Ali-Baba become fabulously rich and win the girl, Peter Pan defeats Hook, Cinderella marries the prince etc.  The low born servant exchanges places with the highborn lord.

Then you leave the theatre and realise it is all illusion.  A mad, chaotic dream of what might be, but never will.  Order reasserts itself and the world is set to rights.  Time marches on to the winter solstice and the turning of the year.

Time; by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Unfathomable Sea! whose waves are years,

Ocean of Time, whose waters of deep woe

Are brackish with the salt of human tears!

Thou shoreless flood, which in thy ebb and flow

Claspest the limits of mortality!

And sick of prey, yet howling on for more,

Vomitest thy wrecks on its inhospitable shore;

Treacherous in calm, and terrible in storm,

Who shall put forth on thee,

Unfathomable Sea?


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