No Camping


Two paths lie before me,

I may walk either.

One is arduous and steep,

fraught with peril, dark and rocky.

It rises to a high and lofty place.

From there I could gaze upon the world

and breathe deeply of success.

I could marvel at my achievement.

But many have fallen on that path.

They slide into oblivion below

howling pitiful screams.

Others stop along the way

unable to proceed, standing

perched on that inhospitable ledge

like fledgling gulls

about to plunge.

The other path is smoother

along a valley floor.

The scenery is banal

and well trampled.

Life down there is crowded

although it is comfortable and safe.

Too safe perhaps for some.

He who walks that road

will never climb the mountain

and many die at last

never knowing if he could.

So here I stand

in a beautiful spot

where two roads face me.

I wish that I could rest here

the better to make my decision,

it being so important.

But a sign lies on the verge

which forces me to choose

and move along.


Copyright D. Clancy (1988)

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