Rocket “88”

1949 Rocket 88

In 1949 the Oldsmobile auto company released the Rocket 88.  Pitched at the young men leaving the military after the war, it offered the power of a V8 engine with a relatively light and small body.  The muscle car was born, and went on to become the first “King of NASCAR”.

The success of the Olds Rocket 88 spawned a record by “Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats” on the Chess label on this day in 1951.  The Delta Cats were none other than Ike Turner and his backing band, the Kings of Rhythm.  The record is raw, edgy, bluesy and today is instantly recognisable as Rock & Roll.  For many it is considered the first Rock & Roll recording.

Of course, it also spawned a whole culture of songs about guys and their cars and their consequent attraction to girls.  Where would the Beach Boys have been without the genre?

Have a listen, and I dare you to tell me you don’t love it!


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