Michael Lowry TD poses in front of his extension.

7 days to the Irish General Election.  The canvassing is in full swing.  The head shots adorn the lampposts.  The lies and promises, the criticisms and condemnations flow over the airwaves.  The game is afoot.

The game is also afoot in Brussels where David Cameron is pulling a ‘three shirter’ as he tries to hammer out a deal with Europe that he can pass in a UK referendum.  We Irish, who love the EU, have given our governments much grief over EU referendums.  This will be a fraught few months for the Conservative government.  The looming possibility of a ‘Brexit’ is generating turmoil in currency markets.  Of course this flux is ably exacerbated by currency traders, who profit from uncertainty.

Of course we have the ambient background noise of the US presidential nomination washing across the Atlantic.  Super Tuesday is looming on March 1st.


February; by Hilaire Belloc

The winter moon has such a quiet car
That all the winter nights are dumb with rest.
She drives the gradual dark with drooping crest,
And dreams go wandering from her drowsy star.
Because the nights are silent, do not wake:
But there shall tremble through the general earth,
And over you, a quickening and a birth.
The sun is near the hill-tops for your sake.

The latest born of all the days shall creep
To kiss the tender eyelids of the year;
And you shall wake, grown young with perfect sleep,
And smile at the new world, and make it dear
With living murmurs more than dreams are deep.
Silence is dead, my Dawn; the morning’s here.

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