Today in Cuba they celebrate the day of the Cuban Armed forces.

The holiday celebrates the day Granma arrived in Cuba.  Granma was the name of the yacht purchased by the 26th of July Movement to get them into Cuba.  On Dec 2nd 1956 82 members of the revolutionary movement arrived in Cuba from Mexico.

On board were Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro and Che Guevara, who later wrote;

We reached solid ground, lost, stumbling along like so many shadows or ghosts marching in response to some obscure psychic impulse. We had been through seven days of constant hunger and sickness during the sea crossing, topped by three still more terrible days on land. Exactly 10 days after our departure from Mexico, during the early morning hours of December 5, following a night-long march interrupted by fainting and frequent rest periods, we reached a spot paradoxically known as Alegría de Pío (Rejoicing of the Pious)”.

The yacht, Granma, has earned a deserved place in the history of the Cuban revolution.  The boat itself is preserved in a glass case beside the museum of the revolution in Havana, and the landing site on the Playa las Coloradas has become a designated UNESCO world heritage natural habitat site now called the “Landing of the Granma National Park” in Granma province.

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