Narrowing of Scopes


On this day, 21st July in 1925 John T. Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in high school and was fined $100.  Officially the “State of Tennessee v John Thomas Scopes” it has gone down in history as the Monkey Trial.

Almost 100 years from the events some look back at the USA in astonishment, that anyone could have denied the science and claimed that Evolution was a form of blasphemy.

I look back 100 years and see that many have never moved beyond that position.  In the post-truth society of today social media is a fertile garden for those who “believe” over science.  Flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, chemtrail conspiracists, fake moon landings, spirit healers, creationists and Trump supporters.  The combination of “beliefs” and “rights” is a potentially toxic cocktail.

It seems that we are close today to a vaccine for Covid-19.  There may even be a choice of vaccines before too long.

Most people will line up to receive the vaccine.  Some will loudly demand it.  The anti-vaxxers will declaim it as a government conspiracy to control us, or a ruse by “Big Pharma” to profit at the expense of our health.

My prediction is that within 2 years of this post there will be test cases suing those distributing the vaccine claiming that the health authorities knew the dangers and foisted a poison on the innocent.  The legal paperwork is probably already in draft stage.

Covid-19 may not be the pandemic that changes the structure of our society.  It may not be the Black Death of our era.  But it has highlighted which societies will suffer most when the killer pandemic comes.  Compliant societies will weather the storm, utilitarians will emerge the victors.  The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans will mandate vaccination.  In a pandemic there is no time to assess individual choices, society as a whole must be protected at the expense of the individual.

Western societies will demand the right to choose.  The free will die in their droves.  Rights based – deontological societies will be decimated.

America will become the land of the free and the home of the graves.




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