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I know better than to write about controversial subjects such as Religion and Politics.  I KNOW better, but I still do it.  I have these mad ideas about the world.

I believe that the differences between men and women were programmed into our brain structures through natural selection over hundreds and thousands of years

(eg https://donalclancy.wordpress.com/2015/05/10/why-girls-mature-faster-than-boys/) or


I respect the gains in equality made by the womens’ movement, the suffragettes of the 19th century, womens’ lib of the 1970’s and onward.  I don’t think hundreds of thousands of years of programming change in a few decades, nor would I want them to. I like that men and women think and behave differently. I think that when we work together as equals we make better decisions, and this applies in business, in families and in Government.

I don’t believe in creationism.  At least not in the biblical sense.  I don’t expect to meet aliens, they just live too far away.  But I don’t believe we are the only ones.

I believe that if you analyse the history of mankind you will find that most of the great conflicts were resolved by one side beating the other, either with military innovation or better economics.  Of the two, economics are more important in the long run.  If you don’t have a stronger economy than your enemy then you need to have a better weapon/soldier/army/missile/bomb.  Military gains are ephemeral, economic ones stick.

To have a strong economy you need three things.  The rule of law, a market economy and representative government.  Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all of the others (Churchill).

Death is something worth celebrating, as it is the one sure thing we will all come to experience.

Everyone should learn economics 101:  What wealth is, where does it come from, and why workers depend on wealth creators.  I believe in small government, but I also believe that we need an effective public sector.  Rampant, greed driven capitalism talks about “bloated bureaucracy”.  Look where light touch financial regulation brought us!

Ultimately I want a fair and pleasant society.  Entrepreneurs should be encouraged, and they should be allowed to get rich.  But I want rich people to pay their proper taxes and I want to see societies casualties treated with respect.  I am not happy driving my gold plated Rolls Royce around my 5 acre swimming pool while the kids next door starve.  The best countries to live in are those where income gaps between richest and poorest are small.

If I am shopping at 10 am on Saturday there is no good reason why I should not buy a bottle of wine for dinner, so why does the law prevent me from doing so? I believe in civil liberties and I reject PC Nazis and Nanny State-ism. Adults should make adult decisions. If we look to the state to regulate all aspects of our lives we become children. The state should not interfere in the lives of adults unless those adults interfere in the lives of others. If I choose to run with scissors while wearing a plastic bag on my head it is none of your business! If I see a child doing it, I have a responsibility to stop them, because I am an adult.

We have no rights, we have only responsibilities. If you can see the world in terms of your responsibilities you will see a better world. Really!

13 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I think I agree with all of that godfather! But as with everything, issues arise when we try to put ideals into practice. For example, have you read “Capital in the 21st Century” yet? I am a huge supporter of the market economy, but have also realized the division’s it creates. There is no perfect world.

    • Steinbeck in “The Grapes of Wrath” commented on how the banks are evil. Good people work for the banks and try to do good, but cannot change the way the banks behave. Money has no pity. 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed my Dad’s poem, The Boat that Never Saiied.” He’s written many more. Janet Wall Hineman

  3. You make great points..
    You seem highly intelligent so I must ask why you do not believe we are a product of intelligent design?
    I feel the evidence presented is worth examining, although I realize everyone has free will to decide..

    • Hi Mary Ann. I am open to debate but have heard no argument on intelligent design that stands up to deep scrutiny. Scientific method helps us advance and at the same time it debunks things that we believe because we want to make sense out of chaos. If you have a good argument I have 1 good ear. The other one is mostly deaf because of a road accident.

      • I am sorry to hear about your ear.
        But the Bible does say if anyone has an ear let them hear.. I am not good at arguing, yet I believe seeing intelligent design takes faith..
        When I hear Darwin’s theory of how the world began I can’t wrap my head around how the human body so complex could have evolved.. Procreation and a child in the womb.. The wonders of nature and the beauty of it all.. Of course others can also see the same beauty without believing in a creator.. But I have experienced faith without seeing God create it.. Faith is the substance of things hoped for with the evidence not seen. Faith that in the after life I will live in a world with peace without end.. no fighting nor death only peace and joy that eye has not seen.. nor imagined..

      • Faith is a treasure for those who believe. Faith and science don’t marry well. In really broad simple terms if you can prove a thing by science you no longer need to believe in it. If you can prove heaven exists then the afterlife is no longer an article of faith. God is an article of faith, who’s existence is unprovable and unknowable. If science could prove God that could not be God.

  4. Intelligent design is an article of faith that poses as science. Intelligent design points out that you cannot have half an eye. The eye is so complex it must have been given to us entire. Real science has torn apart this kind of argument by mapping the evolution of the eye thorough simple life-forms to the complex tool in our heads. Evolution is real and proven, let nobody tell you otherwise. But the spark of life! Where that came from… therein lies faith. The big bang, what outside agency is so powerful it can create a universe? If you are outside a universe can you be above the laws of that universe? That creative impetus, that unknowable power beyond the laws of physics, is that what we call God?

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