New food from old

Playing around with Christmas leftovers today.  I invented some kind of potato, stuffing and bacon fritter thingy.

I had a lot of mashed potato left over, and some roast ones.  I chopped the roast potatoes very small and mixed them with the mash.  Then I mixed in leftover bread stuffing.  A bit of self-raising flour to help bind it, and an egg.  Finally some finely chopped Christmas ham.

Mix it together, roll it out in a sheet.  Cut it into bite size squares.  Heat a baking tray in the oven with oil and butter.  When it is hot pop the fritters on the tray and bake until golden brown.  Turn over and make sure they are golden on both sides.

I do this a lot with just mashed potato, or potato with cheese.  I am calling these Post-Christmas Potato Cakes.