Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration of the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  The whole affair was a fuss over an unpaid bill.  The French would have done better to await repayment of their debt.  Wars are expensive.  Wars against already bankrupt nations are the height of foolishness.

For the day that’s in it here is a poem from my favourite Spanish poet  (not a Mexican though).  Make music, not war!

Las Seis Cuerdas:  Federico García Lorca

La guitarra,
hace llorar a los sueños.
El sollozo de las almas
se escapa por su boca
Y como la tarántula
teje una gran estrella
para cazar suspiros,
que flotan en su negro
aljibe de madera.

My attempt at translation:

you make dreams cry out.
The sobbing of lost souls
escapes from your round mouth.
And like the tarantula
you weave a great net
to capure the sighs,
which float in your dark
wooden coffer.