Nostradamus predicted a Varadkar win!


Quatrain 2,98

Celuy de sang reperse le visage,
et la victime roche sacrifiee,
Tonant en Leo, augure par presage,
Mis estre mort lors pour la finance


He who’s image is surmouted by blood (red head = Enda Kenny)

also victim rock(petros in greek = Peter/Simon Coveney) is sacrificed,

Leo (Varadkar) ascends, augured in prophesy,

Puts to be dead then for the money.


These predictions are always accurate but sometimes require some interpretation.  What is clear and beyond argument is that after the fall of the red headed leader the Lion (Leo) will defeat Simon/Peter (which seems to be Simon Coveney) and will rise to leadership as predicted.  What is less certain is the final line.  Does it mean that Varadkar will actually kill people to enrich himself?  Probably not.  It is more likely allegorical, meaning that he will do something in the pursuit of finance that causes a closure or ending of an era.

This could be the introduction of water charges, or the sale of Irish Water to a company symbolised by death.  For instance Cerberus, the three headed dog who guards Hades can be taken as a symbol of death.  Cerberus Capital Management, who have purchased NAMA funds would fill this prophesy exactly if Leo Varadkar sold Irish Water to them.  Indeed the prophesy would be fulfilled if he sold any public sector service provider to Cerberus.

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For Posterity

I am recording these figures, because I know that when the projects are finished they will cost multiples of the nonsense trotted out to a gullible public and unquestioning journalists.

Simon Harris, minister for health in the Fine Gael led minority government tells us that the National Children’s Hospital in St James’s will cost €1 Billion to build.  He also tells us that the National Maternity Hospital at St Vincent’s will cost €300 million.

I would love to know who is the official responsible for publishing these figures, and who are the project managers who are charged with bringing these projects in, on time, and on budget?  In the absence of these names I hold Simon Harris accountable.