Is this worth the effort?

Not often, but sometimes, I question the value of keeping this blog.  Is it worth the effort?  What does it contribute to the sum of human endeavour?

Then I read the musings of someone higher on the hog than myself and I realise that I do have a purpose.  I may never stand upon the roof of the world, but I can show you the mountain, and maybe you can climb it.

So here is a quote from a master essayist;

Have no mean hours, but be grateful for every hour, and accept what it brings. The reality will make any sincere record respectable. No day will have been wholly misspent, if one sincere, thoughtful page has been written. Let the daily tide leave some deposit on these pages, as it leaves sand and shells on the shore. So much increase of terra firma. this may be a calendar of the ebbs and flows of the soul; and on these sheets as a beach, the waves may cast up pearls and seaweed…David Henry Thoreau