Some like it Hot.


On this Presidential inauguration day I am reminded for some reason of Marilyn Monroe, who had a relationship with a previous president.  She famously sang “Happy birthday Mr. President” to JFK.  Rumour has it that their intimacy ran far deeper.  No wonder he had a bad back.

From this I jump to my favourite of her films, “Some Like it hot”.

That reminds me that Billy Wilder stuck in two of three parts of the joke into that movie.  He puts in the beginning, which has a great hook.  Later on he puts in the end, which sounds like a good punchline.  But he leaves us without the context, the narrative that makes the beginning fit to the end.

I suspect the Trump presidency will be a lot like that joke.  All flash at the beginning, explosive at the end, but with nothing to show for it all.  Lots of pizzazz and no sustenance.

So what is this great joke anyway?

Have you heard the one about the girl tuba player who was stranded on a desert island with a one-legged jockey?


So the one-legged jockey says, ‘Don’t worry about me, baby. I ride sidesaddle.’