Fresh new love

One of my guilty pleasures in having teenage children is that I get access to their English poetry syllabus.

Tonight I discovered a whole new poet lurking in the recited words of my daughter.  I shall get to know him well.  Introducing Paul Durcan!

Why should a foolish marriage vow ; by Paul Durcan

Dear Nessa – Now that our marriage is over
I would like you to know that, if I could put back the clock
Fifteen years to the cold March day of our wedding,
I would wed you again and, if that marriage also broke,
I would wed you yet again and, if it a third time broke,
Wed you again, and again, and again, and again, and again:
If you would have me which, of course, you would not.
For, even you – in spite of your patience and your innocence
(Strange characteristics in an age such as our own)
– Even you require to shake off the addiction of romantic love
And seek, instead, the herbal remedy of a sane affection
In which are mixed in profuse and fair proportion
Loverliness, brotherliness, fatherliness:
A sane man could not espouse a more faithful friend than you.